Recently, foreign media exposure of a group of suspected new generation Focus early engineering test car spy photos, new car or will be officially released in 2017. From spy, test car uses cash Foxs appearance disguised, but the car at both ends of the front bumper cover temporary camouflage pieces, but at the moment we do not know what the new structure under the guise member is. New car from the rear view, this test car body design billet crankshaft on the left side of the mouth of suspected new fuel added, and the current cash Fox Overseas either left or right rudder rudder edition version, added fuel port locations are located on the right side of the body taillight group below. Outside, the new car also uses a rear triangular windows temporary design. Thus, we can determine, under the cash Fox car shell, are a pair is testing a new chassis structure Turbocharger. Power, this exposure of the spy photos captured the cars engine compartment structure, by comparison, the test vehicle is still using transverse engine layout, but the overall layout of the current sale Fox 1.0T, 1.5T, 1.6L three engines are not the same, so the future will be powered by the new generation Focus or a brand new engine turbocharger uk. For information about the car is still very limited, and we will continue to focus coverage.